Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snowy To-Do's

As DC gets 5-10 inches of snow, I'm sitting on my couch figuring out my next few projects.

Two Baby Quilts

My mom has two co-workers who are expecting and each are having baby showers in March. These two quilts need to be gender neutral so I'm working on finding two fabric spreads that don't lean towards one gender or another. I'm also trying to figure out which designs to use.

For designs, I'm thinking through a couple that I have found through Pinterest as well as the Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorials.  The option to do some more with half square triangles is always tempting, but no particular pattern has come into my head yet.

Secret Santa Lunch Box

I am part of an online Secret Santa Lunch Box exchange and I'm really excited about it! My partner said that she would really love to see something hand made, so of course I saw that as a challenge.  I looked at her profile and BINGO! a link to her Pinterest account!  And even better: she has a bunch of pins of different fabrics, lunch bag patterns, colors, piecing work, and a whole lot more to use as inspiration!!!  This couldn't be easier!!

I'm so excited to work on this project for her, I just need to get it done and shipped by February 7th! That gives me 2.5 weeks, I'm positive I can do it!  The hardest part is going to be picking the fabric since I've already chosen a pattern!

I'm going to be using Pink Penguin's Lunch Bag Tutorial which I first saw over at Happy Zombie's blog. I love this pattern because it has handles and a draw string top! Most of the patterns out there are based on the traditional brown bag and are folded over. Some of the cuter ones use a button to close but I like how you can physically close this one. I also love  the handles!


These are to help me get organized! I already made one basket to hold all my fabric scraps, and it turned out really cute! I used the Sometimes Crafter tutorial for scrap baskets which was super easy. I'm going to be making another one soon for my makeup.  There's also a nifty pattern for fabric trays that I'm going to use to hold all my bathroom odds and ends.  I already have the fabric picked out, now just to make them!

UFOs (UnFinished Objects)

These include the coffee sleeve, coffee sleeve tutorial, hot pads (post on those soon!) as well as the nerd glasses wall hanging.  All of these are waiting on something or another, but mostly they're waiting on me to stop making to-do lists and actually get to work!

So, do you think I'll have time for all this? I think I will! I'll keep you guys posted

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