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Swap Complete!

Thursday night I completed my partner's bag! As you can tell from last post I was so excited I couldn't wait for a legitimate post to show it off!


It's gorgeous is it not? I am in love with how it turned out! (I am also getting better at this whole taking pictures with your phone thing.)


Putting this bag together was a lot of fun and I'm super glad I did a test round.  It made me more confident about what I was doing and I got to tweak a little here and there. The second attempt at the vinyl went way better than the first attempt.

This fabric is gorgeous and I hope my partner loves it as much as I do! I'm always afraid when I cut into fabric that I love, especially when I only have enough for the project at hand.  Luckily everything turned out perfectly and came together quite nicely.


I love when I get a chance to work with a line of fabric because everything goes together so nicely. It is fun to pull from your fabric stash and see what can come together in front of you, but working with pre-paired fabric is such a treat. To me everything about putting this bag together felt like putting perfectly sized puzzle pieces together. The fabrics were made for each other (literally)! Even the thread I picked out to stitch the visible seems and details ended up being a perfect accent.


I forgot to take a send off photo of the lunch bag, but I think I was too busy giving the woman packing my box the stink eye. She kept packing the brown paper in with what I believed was excessive force and I had several "My baby!!" moments.  I said something about it being hand made and already filled with air spacers I saved from Think Geek and she stopped. So my partner, if you read this, I hope it got there alright!

On top of finishing these wonderful bags, I ordered fabric from my next two baby quilts and decided on the two patterns I'm going to use. While I'm waiting for the fabric to come in, I am going to make some more of those boxes that are also sitting on my to-do list.  I may take advantage of the left over vinyl and make myself a nice box for all my make up.  The vinyl will help any inevitable spillage from staining the fabric.

As a parting thought, I share with you a realization that I had over the last week: creating a pin cushion out of polka dot fabric will result in way too much time and effort being spent on pin-replacement.



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