Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Light Sewing Week

This week has been pretty light on sewing but heavy on planning.

I was able to finish two of the four drawstring bags for my mom that have been sitting on my to-do list. I used the easy Lined Draw String Pouch pattern by In Color Order and made two DVD size bags. This size is available on the pdf pattern she has for sale.

I chose colors my mother would like, and focused on a polka dot look since that is her absolute favorite pattern.  These two turned out really cute and I like the brightness of the colors.  However I think I'll go with some darker colors the next two bags.  This will add some contrast to the bunch and help Mom remember which bag holds what.

For the planning part I've already decided the sort of layout I want to accomplish with each of the upcoming baby quilts.  The will be a strip diamond quilt with the help of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. Tutorial. It's an older video of theirs, but it still has their quick and easy charm.

The diamond string quilt will have strips from a Mixed Bag by Studio M Jelly Roll. I loved all the patterns in the line and the alternating white and color backgrounds.  The colored backgrounds are going to be the ones I want for this quilt, setting them against alternating white strips.

I'm most likely not going to need the entire Jelly Roll for just a baby quilt top, so I think I might play around with the left over strips to make a fun back. And to ensure that I don't create any waste blocks, I'm planning to make a few blocks at a time until I have the exact dimensions I need. It's half tempting with such an easy block to just piece everything together but I'd hate to waste any of this fun fabric!

The second will be a fun pattern I found on Pinterest that I'm super excited to try out! It'll be my first Pinterest inspired quilt since most of my quilts up to now have been inspired by the Missouri Star Quilt co. tutorials.  I'm excited to lay this one out on the design wall, and I'm hopping to make it very colorful!

To accomplish this quilt, I ordered a charm pack of Cotton Couture from Michael Miller and will be selecting the brightest colors of the bunch to go into this quilt! I'm so excited to see this one come together since this pattern has been sitting on my Pinterest board for some time.

As an update on my last post, my giftee received their gift and loved it! I'm so glad she likes it and glad it has gone to a good home!

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