Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finished Lunch Bag and New Fabric!

I finished my first Lunch Bag!!  It's so cute! I may or may not have done a little happy-dance upon it's completion!
The last few steps were extremely easy and for the first time ever all of my layers came out even.  Usually when sewing inside and outside pieces together, one of them is slightly longer than the other so I get a little fold over in my fabric.

But this time everything came out nice and neat.  I even managed to get all my centers lined up and pretty much on point!  Needless to say I showed that part off to some of my crafty friends.

This bag is so cute and so fun! It's the perfect size for my day-to-day lunch and I even foresee it holding a few crafting supplies for future craft dates.  I know a knitting friend of mine looked at the drawstring top and vinyl interior and thought it to be perfect for holding some yarn.

Action shot of my wonderful lunch bag at work!

Like all good projects, I learned some lessons for what to do next time.
  • When using iron on vinyl (or anything that is adhesive) cut the fabric you want at least half an inch bigger then you intend. Apply the vinyl, then cut to size. This will ensure you get the vinyl on where it counts and don't accidentally iron it to your cutting mat. (Don't worry, that didn't actually happen :) )
  • Never use leather as a draw string. It sheds and is hard to pull.  
  • You can use the spray feature on your iron to get out stubborn creases! Never knew this one before (apparently it's a known thing) and it was like discovering a new toy!

On top of finishing my bag, the fabric for my swap buddy came in is as beautiful as I thought it was going to be!  I ordered Midnight Gems by Michael Miller and am totally in love! The tones of the fabric are so rich and deep with the light sprinkling of white.

And I appreciate any fabric line that mixes in appropriately matching solids.

Thursday night I was able to finally pick out the fabrics I would use but unfortunately I couldn't touch the fabric again until this past Sunday. And even then I only had time to cut up the pieces I need and apply the vinyl on the inside layer.

The inside layer is a surprise for my swap mate!  I was able to order some of the fabric from her Pinterest wall that she liked but was from an out of print line.  Etsy came to the rescue on this one and it looks wonderful! It doesn't go with the rest of the fabric line so I figured the inside would be a nice place for the piece.

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