Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A busy week!

I have been busy this last week!

I finally dove head first right into sewing up the first of two baby quilts for my mom. And it almost feels like I literally dove right in! Fabric covered every inch of flat surface area in my apartment and by the end of the night my pants and t-shirt were covered in little bits of fabric and thread.  Wednesday night was a mad woman's night of sewing and cutting and sorting all to the background sounds of Say Anything and Pretty in Pink.  Thursday was just as busy only this time I had Breakfast Club and 16 Candles playing in the background.  I have no idea why I decided the theme to my week was 80's hits but I enjoyed it thoroughly!

I enjoyed all of this work immensely! Being able to just go peddle to the metal with a project is exhilarating and the product of my efforts has been a wonder to watch come together.  I am in love with how this quilt is coming together!

However, all of this love came to grinding halt Saturday night when I realized I needed to iron my seems open if I wanted everything go through the sewing machine neatly.  The thickness of the meeting seems made it almost impossible for the blocks to go under my foot without being pushed to the side.  This ended up throwing off my seams and made for an uneven row.

I threw the row back up onto the design wall and instead focused on making the last drawstring bag for my mom.  Sometimes it's nice having more than one project going on at once.  It enables you to step away and forget about the problem for a little bit.  Then, as you work on your other project, you can create a game plan to tackle the problem and approach it from a new direction.

So Monday night I ordered my favorite food, turned on Season 4 of Castle, and slowly worked through ironing open each seam.  That's 6 seams a block, 5 blocks to a row, and 5 rows to the quilt.  Yay 150 seems!  >_<  On the plus side, I amazingly got through all that ironing without burning myself! That is the true accomplishment here.

On tap for this week: sewing the blocks together and continue working on the border of the quilt.  Wonder what theme my Netflix viewing will have this week?

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  1. I love the way this one's coming together!! :D Can't wait to see it all quilted up!