Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A finished top

I finished my Stripe Diamond top last night and it looks so good!

I did something new with the borders this time: I mitered the corners. When I first started sewing I made some self-binding receiving blankets for my niece that had mitered corners, but I have never tried it before with a quilt border. Google and YouTube turned up some really good resources on mitered corners but I ended up referring to the tutorial by Riley Blake during the process.  However I wasn't brave enough to try pre-cutting the miter corner before sewing on my pieces.  

I really like how this border works with the diamond pieces. It helps the patterns stand out a little more from the colors, and really makes the whole thing pop. This quilt is truly starting to get the kid vibe I was going for and I can't wait to start quilting it up!

On an interesting side note I had something incredibly lucky happen to my while I was sewing on the borders. I have this bad habit of never checking on my bobbin which usually results in me sewing about 60" before realizing I haven't sewn a darn thing at all.  Last night, while I was almost to the end of sewing on a border strip, I remembered that my bobbin had been looking a little thin around the middle.  So I stopped and moved aside my fabric to see if I had blundered again and guess what!!!  I picked the EXACT moment my bobbin ran out to check! No a few seconds before or a few seconds after, the exact second!!

I checked to make sure that everything was sewn up until that point because I was sure the power of wishful thinking was making me imagine things.  But it was true!  I should go buy a lottery ticket with this kind of luck!

Also on the list of awesome stuff I got a big shipment in of charm packs from the Fat Quarter Shop and a nice set of Omnigrid rulers.  In this bundle is my first spool of Aurifil thread! I've heard amazing things about this thread through the various quilt blogs and I can't wait to try it out on this top!! 

Before I go, I want to give you a peak at what I was up to on Friday! I was visiting with some friends and sat down with one of whom has an artistic side and a good eye for color.  She helped me sort out my big Michael Miller Cotton Couture charm pack and choose colors that would go nicely with each other for my next quilt.  I'm thinking I might start the cutting on this one tonight, it's going to involve cutting over 140 charm squares!

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