Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can't keep me down!

Three months into blogging and I've already broken my promise to write once a week!  But it's not entirely my fault, the universe seems to have been out to get me the last two weeks! A combination of work and illness have kept me away from my sewing machine and my lovely projects.

First, I had two of my teammates at work leave for a week long conference.  We're in the middle of a giant redesign and we are the only three people responsible for design implementation support (technical talk for telling the developers and analysts what it's all supposed to look like).  Most of my working hours were spent answering emails and talking to developers.  I would leave to eat dinner only to return back to work when no one was around to bother me so I could actually get stuff done!

Then, all that stress resulted in me getting sick and feeling terrible and incapable of doing anything more than binge-watching Netflix from the couch. Once I was finally able to get some work done my walking foot wouldn't stop catching on itself.  Now I have to figure that out! Such a frustrating two weeks!

The downside of living in a small studio apartment is the inability to escape your various UFOs and WIPs starring at you.  My diamond stripes quilt hung in quiet disapproval from the design wall and the pieces of my upcoming rainbow pieces quilt were giving me the silent treatment. Oh well.

Luckily the last two weeks haven't been a total waste!  While I was feeling down on the couch, I was able to pre-cut some pieces for a future project and order the necessary supplies for my first Quilty Bucket list project!

My paper pieces came in last week so I at least got to start working on my first EPP project! There was a little speed bump though in the shape of 2" jewel pieces that should have been 1". Turns out the blogger of the original project I based my project on mistyped the required size of the pieces.  But never fear! I simply changed my original plan from a starburst patter to straight up hexies.

And I love it!

I'm planning to make a pillow case using a charm pack of Kate Spain's Sunnyside for Moda and so far I am loving the fabric! I keep telling everyone that my hexies look like candies! The oranges, blues, and purples look so lovely and really fit the hexie shape! The starburst will just have to wait until I'm done with these lovely hexies!

I also was able to put together a back and baste my quilt, but I'll share more with you next week.  Now to figure out my walking foot and not get distracted by my tempting pile of hexies! See ya next week!

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